WHEN an event Buya Hamka and his wife were invited, tersely the host of Buya wife asking to go a propos stage. The assumption was that the wife of a colossal speaker must after that equally powerful.

Take his wife, but he is lonesome a gruff chat. “I’m not a preacher, I just artisan cooking the preacher.” Then he was off stage.

And here is the narrative Irfan, son of Buya, which tells how after the death of his wife or Ummi Buya Irfan.

“After I noticed how I cope after the death of Ummi’s ache, I recently started to listen. When he was alone, he would always listen humming taking into account the hermetic barely audible. Humming the ‘kaba’. If the father does not spend 5-6 hours just to gate the Quran.

In the mighty father reading the Quran, I had subsequent to asked.

“Dad, Dad mighty following reading the Quran?” I asked the father.

“You know, Irfan. Father and Ummi has tens of years of living together. Not easy for Dad forget the agreeableness Ummi. That is why related to it comes to the memory of my dad Um, Dad recall him by humming. However, once the memory of my father to Ummi it appeared hence mighty, Dad and hastily ablutions. Dad prayer Taubat two cycles. Then Dad Koran. Father seeks to interest and concentrate and father flatter solely to God, “replied the father.

“Why reach you have to pray to Repentance?” I asked again.

“I panic, lionize Dad to Ummi exceed Dad adulation to God. That’s why Dad Repentance prayer first, “answered my father gone again.