Yellow Dragon fruit is one type of fruit that is still rare and arguably quite expensiveit costs because its existence is still a little on the market. This is because the yellowDragon fruit growing slower than at the Red Dragon fruit Dragon fruit or other types. Besides rooting yellow Dragon fruit also has fewer and smaller trunk.


However this can be overcome by the technique of connecting the yellow Dragon fruit with the lower part of the stem position using another type of Dragon fruit is larger and has many roots and use the stick on top of the yellow Dragon fruit.


How To Plant A Yellow Dragon Fruit
With the technique of connecting with other Dragon fruit Dragon fruit, namely has the advantage of being faster to fruition. If Dragon fruit can usually bear one to one and a half years can bear fruit, then with the technique of grafting at the age of 8 months was to be fruitful or productive. The following techniques are simply connecting the yellow Dragon fruit as quoted from
Take the two pieces of the trunk of a yellow Dragon fruit and Dragon fruit other types have larger stems. Rootstock used for connection must be ensured already rooted much so that plants can live and potentially with perfect results.
Connect both rods system cut the stalks for the second letter L or forming the letter V for rods up while for rods underneath is quite divided.
After connecting with the cutting system above, you can start the second tie rod using the rope or plastic Raphia in order to stick perfectly.
After the second stem sure stick, you can plant in a polybag with a diameter of 15 cm.
Place the plant in a shady spot during the process of snapping or above installed shade for a little over 2 weeks to 1 month.
After the plant managed to perfect, clean all the thorns on the stems down in order for growth tunasnya can focus to growth of shoots the top or on the stem of the yellow Dragon fruit.
Benefits of Dragon fruit is very good for the health of so many people who started planting their own start to add to earnings or for planting in the courtyard of the House. Although the yellow Dragon fruit has a smaller size, but the efficacy and benefits of the yellow Dragon fruit Dragon fruit better than other types. Good luck!