Simple minimalist kitchen set Malang house design floor has two parts that became a focal point, namely exterior and interior. Part of the exterior design of the House is as important as the interior design. Please note that to make the exterior minimalist house design forbetter simple is not so easy. The exterior design of the House is going to look first when people first see your home. Most people probably contemporary with the mendesainya or standard match imaginable. Things that need to be considered from the exterior of the House was a model of design that has a variety of styles and functions. However, bringing innovative personal style will also bring the look of the exterior of the home to be more exclusive. It would be more worthwhile if you have a garden that is simple and minimalistic, so you can do many things to make the exterior minimalist house design for simple as diingikan.
Exterior on the Model a simple minimalist house
Simple minimalist house exterior can be achieved by planting the flowers lovely andbeautiful bonsai. In this very need to be avoided not to make plants grow as living wall that will spread and will make the simplicity of your home are now gone.
One of the characteristics of a simple minimalist house design is the House with the look that accentuates the shape of a box and has a flat surface. In addition, a model of a simple minimalist house 1 floor more prioritizing to clean impression. Style shown represent a lifestyle that is versatile, simple and practical. Simple minimalist house design showing only the necessary elements only. Luxury and beauty more impressed towards beauty that structure or emphasized at architecture, not to put forwardthe ornament has a high complexity. So the model simple minimalist house 1 floor it has styles and characteristics that is capable of enforcing efficiency and saving in the workmanship and aesthetic care but still remain elegant and fashionable look.
Simple Minimalist House Model
Other characteristics of a simple minimalist house design minimalist house design in particular simple one floor is a form of usage without the detail and complexity and even without ornaments and profile. Simple minimalist house design floor in the form of boxes and vertical or horizontal line into the main elements required in the use of other than the minimalist color used in a simple minimalist house design tended to look clean, thus leading to the plain design but still elegant.
Minimalist house design Interior on Simple
On the interior of a simple minimalist house design floor there are a few things thatbecome a foundation. A very influential towards the room of one of them is the furniture. Simple minimalist house design can be achieved starting to simplify a room with a view from the perspective of the selection of furniture. In this case, the less furniture and furniture, will be better. Need to think about how it can eliminate the furniture without sacrificing comfort and without reducing the function of the room. Furniture that has a plain color and the color of calm is highly recommended. Make sure you put the furniture is really important and only the necessary components and slowly add the desired decorations.
The next thing that needs to be focused is the floor. Models a simple minimalist house 1 floor required to have a clean floor. The slightest disturbances are not allowedon the floor and there was no pile-pile that disturbing view. If a carpet is very necessary, make sure the selected carpets have a plain color, not crowded and can createtranquility.
Most people will hang all kinds of items on their walls to add to the décor of the home. However, this does not apply to walls in a simple minimalist house model. Clean the walls is imperative except one or two simple decoration pieces of art work which is nice.
Simple, minimalist house design, especially in the interior will always emphasise the simplicity and keminimalisan. However, this will cause the interior of the House will be uninspiring. To keep the space from being boring, put a simple paintings on every wall can be performed, one or two pictures or photos are framed with calm and with a solid color. However, leave some blank walls still to be done if possible. Complex patterns such as floral or dam will cause visual clutter.
As described earlier, one or two simple decorating can serve as accents to the room.